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Who invented SPACIA®?
Richard E Collins
Emeritus Professor,
The University of Sydney
The concept of vacuum glazing was first described in the patent literature in 1913. Despite many attempts, however, the first successful fabrication of vacuum glazing did not occur until 1989, shortly after commencement of research on this topic at the University of Sydney. Since that time, the University has made substantial advances on the science and technology of vacuum glazing.

Since 1994, the University has worked with Nippon Sheet Glass Company Limited on the commercialization of vacuum glazing. Nippon Sheet Glass has brought to this collaboration advanced engineering skills, creative design approaches, and a strong determination to develop a highly performing, commercially viable product.

In 1996, Nippon Sheet Glass launched its commercial vacuum glazing product, SPACIA. SPACIA offers prospect for substantial benefits to our living standards through reduction in energy use. A particular advantage of SPACIA is its narrow thickness that permits retrofitting in conventional window frames. No other insulated glazing technology has this capability.

Together, Nippon Sheet Glass and the University of Sydney have pioneered many aspects of the science and technology of vacuum glazing, including innovative design concepts and production methods. The implementation of the outcomes of this collaboration has resulted in substantial improvements in the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and the performance of SPACIA, since its first commercial release.

I am very proud of the contributions that the University of Sydney has made to this productive association with Nippon Sheet Glass. I am very pleased that, since my formal retirement from the University in December 2000, I am able to participate in the ongoing collaboration between Nippon Sheet Glass and the University, and to continue to contribute to the success of this innovative concept

December 2002
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